Serving statewide coordinating and governing boards in developing and sustaining excellent systems of higher education.
SHEEO Mission & History


The State Higher Education Executive Officers association was created in 1954 by the executive officers of nine of the ten statewide higher education boards then in existence.

SHEEO's current members are the chief executive officers serving 28 statewide governing boards and 29 statewide coordinating boards of higher education.

SHEEO's objectives are to:

  • Assist its members and the states in developing and sustaining excellent systems of higher education.

  • Emphasize the importance of state planning and coordination for higher education by promoting effective strategic planning and statewide coordination and governance.

  • Speak as a national organization in public and private forums, promoting the interests of the states in effectively planning and financing higher education.

  • Promote cooperative relationships with federal agencies, colleges and universities, and higher education and other associations in the collection and exchange of data and information, development of standard definitions and practices, conduct of studies, and development of higher education in the public interest.

  • Formulate and recommend to public and private agencies and governments desirable guidelines for state and federal relationships to institutions of higher education.

  • Encourage studies and other action to advance statewide planning and coordination.

  • Express to the public, and their representatives in state and national legislatures, the collective opinions of
    state higher education officers to enhance the work of governing and/or coordinating statewide boards of
    higher education.

SHEEO pursues its mission by:

  • Organizing regular professional development meetings for its members and their senior staff;

  • Maintaining regular systems of communication among the professional staffs of member agencies;

  • Serving as a liaison between the states and the federal government;

  • Studying higher education policy issues and state activities and publishing reports to inform the field; and

  • Implementing projects to enhance the capacity of the states and SHEEO agencies to improve higher education.