Serving statewide coordinating and governing boards in developing and sustaining excellent systems of higher education.
Officers & Committees

SHEEO Officers and Executive Committee
Sub-Committees of the Executive Committee
Federal Relations
Time and Place
Peer Consultation Networks

SHEEO Officers and Executive Committee:
Chair: Marshall A. Hill, Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education
Chair-Elect: Teresa Lubbers, Indiana Commission for Higher Education
Treasurer: Robert L. King, Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education
Past Chair: George Pernsteiner, Oregon University System
Diane Barrans, Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (2014)
John C. Cavanaugh, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (2013)
Richard M. Freeland, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (2014)
Michael Rush, Idaho State Board of Education (2014)
Raymund A. Paredes, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (2013)
James Purcell, Louisiana Board of Regents (2013)
Andy Tompkins, Kansas Board of Regents (2013)
Robert Donley, Board of Regents, State of Iowa (2014)
Staff: Paul Lingenfelter, Gladys Kerns

Sub-Committees of the Executive Committee:

Chair: Robert L. King
Diane Barrans
John C. Cavanaugh
Michael Rush

Staff Evaluation
Chair: Marshall A. Hill
Teresa Lubbers
George Pernsteiner


Federal Relations :
Chair: John C. Cavanaugh, Pennsylvania
Vice Chair: Robert L. King, Kentucky
Diane Barrans, Alaska
Peter Blake, Virginia
Shane Broadway, Arkansas
Jane A. Ciarleglio, Connecticut
Robert Donley, Iowa
Gregory G. Fitch, Alabama
Glen D. Johnson, Oklahoma
Marshall A. Hill, Nebraska
Paul Hill, West Virginia
Daniel Klaich, Nevada
Teresa Lubbers, Indiana
Raymund A. Paredes, Texas
Richard Pattenaude, Maine
James Petro, Ohio
Larry Pogemiller, Minnesota
Kevin P. Reilly, Wisconsin
Richard G. Rhoda, Tennessee
James O. Rose, Wyoming
Thomas W. Ross, North Carolina
Michael Rush, Idaho
Andy Tompkins, Kansas
Staff: Paul Lingenfelter, Charlie Lenth, Hans L'Orange


Nominating Committee:
Chair: George Pernsteiner, Oregon
Robert Donley, Iowa
Kevin P. Reilly, Wisconsin
Thomas W. Ross, North Carolina
Andy Tompkins, Kansas
Staff: Paul Lingenfelter, Gladys Kerns


Time and Place Committee:
Chair: Richard G. Rhoda, Tennessee
David Buhler, Utah
Peter Blake, Virginia
Timothy J. Donovan, Vermont
Danette G. Howard, Maryland
Staff: Paul Lingenfelter, Gladys Kerns


Peer Collaboration Networks
All SHEEOs and their senior staff are welcome to participate in Peer Collaboration Network activities. They are guided by the following chairs/vice chairs, who can be contacted with suggestions:

Student Learning
Co-Chair: Robert L. King, Kentucky
Co-Chair: Raymund A. Paredes, Texas
Staff: Charlie Lenth

Co-Chair: Teresa Lubbers, Indiana
Co-Chair: Andy Tompkins, Kansas
Staff: Hans L’Orange and Andy Carlson

Data Systems
Co-Chair: Michael Rush, Idaho
Co-Chair: James Purcell, Louisiana
Staff: Hans L’Orange