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Accountability in Postsecondary Ed
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On SHEF publications in 2006

4/30/2006 - Jackson, Mississippi Clarion Ledger
Easter hare no match for nest-robbing tuition fees

3/22/2006 - Chronicle of Higher Education
State and Local Per-Student Spending Is at 25-Year Low, Report Says

3/22/2006 - Inside Higher Ed
Squeezed in the States

3/22/2006 - AP via Yahoo News
Higher Education Report to Be Released

On SHEF publications in 2005

7/23/2004 - Chronicle of Higher Education
Lawmakers Spotlight a Positive Measure of Public Spending on Higher Education

7/16/2004 - Chronicle of Higher Education
State Spending on Higher Education Has remained Steady, Despite Claims to the Contrary, Report Says

7/9/2004 - Chronicle of Higher Education
State Support for Public Higher Education Is Stronger Than Believed, Report Says

On the Accountability Commission

5/3/2005 - Inside HIgher Ed
Accountability, Improvement and Money

3/16/2005 - Education Week
Commission Backs Call for More Accountability in Higher Education

3/10/2005 - Chronicle of Higher Education
Commission on College Accountability Calls for a Broader Approach, Using More Data on Students

3/10/2005 - Inside Higher Ed
A Nation's Colleges at Risk

3/10/2005 - Yahoo Finance
Commission Says Better Accountability a National Imperative for Higher Education, Cites Low College Completion Rate

5/21/2004 - Chronicle of Higher Education
New Commission Debates Accountability

5/11/2004 - Chronicle of Higher Education
New Commission on College Accountability Debates Standards, Rewards, and Punishments

On Accountability in Postsecondary Education

8/13/2004 - Chronicle of Higher Education
Republicans Defend Accountability Drive

7/14/2004 - Chronicle of Higher Education
House Republicans Defend Proposals for Holding Colleges More Accountable

On K16 Alignment/Pipeline

12/15/2006 - Chronicle of Higher Education
A Coordinated Effort to Prepare Students for College

3/28/2006 - Inside Higher Ed
Can ACT Improve the Pipeline?

On State Education Appropriations

1/5/2007 - Chronicle of Higher Education
As Democrats Take Over More States, College Leaders Grow Optimistic

8/10/2003 - New York Times
The Perils Of Cutbacks In Higher Education

8/08/2003 - Chronicle of Higher Education
State Lawmakers Again Cut Higher-Education Spending

7/2/2003 - Chronicle of Higher Education
Cuts Outweigh Gains in State Spending on Higher Education in 2003-4,
Survey Shows

9/13/2002 - Chronicle of Higher Education
Budget Ax Falls Hard on State Higher-Education Agencies

On The spelling's Commission Report

8/4/2006 - Inside Higher Ed
A Near-Final Report?

On Student Data Records

7/7/2006 - Inside Higher Ed
Wrangling Over Unit Records

7/16/2006 - Pittsburg, KS Morning Sun
Online privacy fight lands on campuses

12/13/04 - San Diego Daily Aztec
Feds want to get to know each student

12/1/2004 - The State News, Michigan State University
Government Looks into Tracking Student Info

11/28/2004 - The New York Times
Federal Plan to Keep Data on Students Worries Some

11/26/2004 - Chronicle of Higher Education
Proposed Change in How Federal government Collects Student Data Raises Privacy Concerns

On Tuition/Financial aid

8/14/2006 - Newsweek
Prepay Your Way to College

8/15/2003 - Chronicle of Higher Education
Students Face Another Year of Big Tuition Increases in Many States

8/11/2003 - Christian Science Monitor
Tuitions Up Steeply Nationwide

6/26/2003 - Newsweek
Tough Course In Tuition Aid

2/28/2003 - Chronicle of Higher Education
The Disappearing State in Public Higher Education


8/18/2006 - Inside Higher Ed
New Ideas for Ph.D. Education

8/5/2005 - Chronicle of Higher Education
State Higher-Education Officials Are Frustrated by Public Apathy

5/13/2005 - Chronicle of Higher Education
Running for a Different Kind of Office

10/15/2004 - Chronicle of Higher Education
State Regents: Should They Be Elected or Appointed?

9/3/2004 - Chronicle of Higher Education
How Can Colleges Prove They're Doing Their Jobs

4/22/2004 - St. Petersburg Times
Ready for a degree? Prove it