Serving statewide coordinating and governing boards in developing and sustaining excellent systems of higher education.
From the 2012 SHEEO Annual Meeting

We are pleased to offer presentations from the Annual Meeting held July 11-14, 2012 in Seattle, WA, along with a list of the newly elected officers.


Business Meeting Agenda (PDF)

SHEEO 2011-2012 Annual Report and 2012-13 Work Plan (PDF)



Leadership Seminar - Working with the aspirations, needs, and personalities of institutional presidents
Presentation by Thomas C. Meredith and Stephen J. Reno

Leadership Seminar - Financing Change - Performance funding
Presentation by Dennis Jones and Jeffrey M. Stanley

Leadership Seminar - Working with boards and with business and civic leaders
Discussion Questions by Cecelia Harrison Foxley and Thomas D. Layzell
Discussion Questions Handout (docx)
SHEEO Board Development Checklist Handout (docx)
General Eisenhower's Advice Handout (docx)


Achieving productivity gains through institutional innovation
Indiana University East - case study handout (docx)
Presentation by Stephen J. Jordan

The future for educated workers in the United States economy
Presentation by Stephen J. Rose
Presentation by Martha Laboissière

FRIDAY, 7/13

What if there were no federal department of education? Higher education from a Canadian perspective
Presentation by Andrew Parkin and Noel Baldwin

Implementing and refining the Degree Qualifications Profile, and assessing student learning
Presentations by Peter Ewell, Debra Humphreys, and Richard Freeland

Emerging policy directions in distance learning and accreditation
Presentation by Marshall A. Hill
Presentation by John C. Cavanaugh

"Resetting" America's community colleges to reclaim the American Dream Report of the 21st Century Commission on the Future of Community Colleges
Presentation by Jerry Sue Thornton


Assessing college readiness - progress report from PARCC and the Smarter Balanced Consortium
Presentation by Jacqueline E. King and Richard L. Pattenaude
Presentation by Allison G. Jones
Presentation by Richard L. Pattenaude

2012-13 Officers
Elected officers are as follows:

Chair Marshall A. Hill, Nebraska
Past Chair George Pernsteiner, Oregon
Chair Elect Teresa Lubbers, Indiana
Treasurer Robert L. King, Kentucky
Executive Committee Members

Diane Barrans, Alaska
John C. Cavanaugh, Pennsylvania
Richard M. Freeland, Massachusetts
Michael Rush, Idaho
Raymund A. Paredes, Texas
James Purcell, Louisiana
Andy Tompkins, Kansas
Robert Donley, Iowa