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Data & Information Management


The use of comprehensive data and information systems is becoming more prevalent as the need for system-wide sharing increases. SHEEO is currently monitoring the development of data and information resources within the states, as well as the transition from data systems to "knowledge management."

The SHEEO/NCES Network is the center of SHEEO's activities involving data and information resources. Along with gathering data and resources, the Network offers a variety of networking opportunities allowing state higher education agencies to share their system development activities with each other.

Current Projects:

The SHEEO Access and Excellence Initiative: Strengthening Policy-Making Capacity
The SHEEO Access and Excellence Initiative reflects three core observations that emerged from a close, collaborative examination of the demands and challenges facing higher education at the state level.
      • Policies need to be better informed by rapidly growing information and knowledge about higher education.
      • Available knowledge resources must be shared more broadly and productively.
      • Both the expansion of our collective higher education knowledge and increased policy collaboration require new         skills and forms of professional development.

Data Quality Campaign
The Data Quality Campaign (DQC) is a national, collaborative effort to encourage and support state policymakers to
improve the collection, availability, and use of high-quality education data; and implement state longitudinal data systems to improve student achievement.

Unit Record Systems

P-16 Data Systems
Coordinated data sharing enables greater cooperation among school districts and colleges and universities regarding a number of issues, including academic preparation and expected high school coursework. This growing list of links provide current efforts states are making towards developing effective P-16 data systems.

Additional information may be found in K-16 Systems web resources.

IPEDS Student Unit Record Feasibility Study
Contracted by the National Center for Education Statistics, conducted a feasibility study about the possibility of redesigning the IPEDS collection of student-related data to incorporate individual, student unit records. If implemented, this system would completely replace some the current IPEDS collection submission process.The use of unit records in the IPEDS collection process would allow for improved calculations of graduation rates and other policy variables as well as provide better aggregate data for reporting on transfers across states or sectors, and retention.