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Resources on IPEDS

We are pleased to present links to resources, tools and information about the IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) survey and its use.

IPEDS Student Unit Record Feasibility Study
Contracted by the National Center for Education Statistics, conducted a feasibility study about the possibility of redesigning the IPEDS collection of student-related data to incorporate individual, student unit records. If implemented, this system would completely replace some of the current IPEDS collection submission process.The use of unit records in the IPEDS collection process would allow for improved calculations of graduation rates and other policy variables as well as provide better aggregate data for reporting on transfers across states or sectors, and retention.

IPEDS Survey Website with information and forms (homepage)

What's New in IPEDS

IPEDS Survey Glossary

IPEDS Training and Resources from the Association for Institutional Research (AIR)

NCES Data Tools:
Data Analysis System (DAS)
The Data Analysis System (DAS) is a Windows software application that provides access to Department of Education survey data. The DAS allows users to create programming instruction files (DAS files) that specify the information they want displayed in a table. DAS software can also create correlation matrices which can be used to conduct multivariate analysis.

IPEDS College Navigator
IPEDS CollegeNavigator is designed to help college students, future students, and their parents understand the differences between colleges and how much it costs to attend college in the United States. Users can search for colleges and universities based on location, program, or degree offerings either alone or in combination.

IPEDS Peer Analysis System
The IPEDS Peer Analysis System is a tool designed to enable a user to easily compare a postsecondary institution of the user's choice to a group of peer institutions, also selected by the user.