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PK-16 Systems

The terms "K-16" or "P-16" describe a movement by educators, political officials, and business leaders to work together in a more systemic way to strengthen educational achievement from pre-school through completion of the college degree. More than half the states currently have K-16 initiatives underway and most include policies and activities aimed at early outreach, student preparation for college, and improvement of teacher quality. As described below, SHEEO is involved in a wide range of K-16 activities.

Current Projects:

Meeting Postsecondary Responsibilities for Improved High Schools
The 2005 National Education Summit on High Schools established a five point Action Agenda for Improving America’s High Schools. The Gates Foundation has funded a proposal from SHEEO to work with educational policy colleagues to help higher education leaders in selected states involved in the NGA Honor States Program and/or Achieve's American Diploma Project (ADP) to build stronger P-16 systems, with a particular emphasis on strengthening high schools.

Previous Projects:

Building Statewide K-16 Systems for Student Success
In October 2000, SHEEO launched a new three-year initiative called Building Statewide K-16 Systems for Student Success. The goal of this SHEEO/U.S. Department of Education collaboration is to build and strengthen connections across the four federal programs within each state through K-16 partnerships.

Recommended Readings:

2006 College-Bound Seniors
by the College Board, 2006

This resource offers links to both national and state-level reports presenting data on high school graduates who participated in the SAT Program during their high school years.
Access this link at

Transforming the American High School: New Directions for State and Local Policy
by Michael Cohen, Senior Fellow, THe Aspen Institute, 2001.

At a time when high schools must be pathways to college for all students, they are pathways to nowhere for many. In "Transforming the American High School", former Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education, Michael Cohen, identifies systemic policy issues and change strategies necessary to respond to this emerging crisis-on a large scale and in the fastest possible time frame. identifies policy issues and change strategies necessary to respond to the current crisis-on a large scale and in the fastest possible time frame.

"Transforming the American High School" is a joint publication of Jobs for the Future's From the Margins to the Mainstream Initiative and the Aspen Institute's Program on Education in a Changing Society. Single copies of "Transforming the American High School" are available for $12 shipping and handling, while supplies last, from Jobs for the Future, 88 Broad Street, Boston, MA 02110,, 617.728.4446.
This report can be found in PDF format at