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Recommendations for State Postsecondary Data Systems - A Report from State Data Experts2009 (PDF)
The Ideal State Postsecondary Data System - 15 Essential Characteristics (PDF)
The Ideal State Postsecondary Data System - 15 Essential Characteristics - Summary (PDF)
Unit Record Data Systems - A State Perspective (PDF)
Data Quality Campaign (DQC)
P-20 Data Systems: An Alignment Status Report, 2007 (PDF)
Lumina Foundation for Education
Critical Connections: Linking States’ Unit Record Systems to Track Student Progress by Peter Ewell and Marianne Boeke, 2007 (PDF)
Following the Mobile Student by Peter T. Ewell, Paula R. Schild and Karen Paulson, 2003 (PDF)
State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO)
Data & Accountability Systems from "More Student Success" by Hans L'Orange, August 2007 (PDF)