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The U.S. Department of Education has funded the SHEEO/NCES Network since 1976. The functions and activities of the Network illustrate the interdependent roles of the federal government and the states in the production of higher education data. --more--


Visit the Data Management Systems section for more information about SHEEO's activities on data and
information systems.


  • Information Exchange
    • Email Network
      Over 750 staff members from SHEEO agencies, NCES, and other postsecondary agencies are linked through 13 focused e-mail lists. This provides state personnel and others the opportunity to submit inquiries to their peers and to share information informally.
    • SHEEO web site
    • Higher Education Library
      This library contains recent state higher education planning materials, federal and state research and statistical reports, organizational publications, university studies, and other reference materials.

  • Personnel exchanges
    Through personnel exchanges, staff from selected SHEEO agencies have the opportunity to receive technical assistance from other SHEEO agencies to improve their data collection, reporting, and system development activities through on-site visits. All staff who have been involved in these exchanges report that they are extremely valuable, and staff from both agencies (i.e., the sending and receiving agencies) report they are able to learn much from their colleagues.  SHEEO agency staff interested in an exchange should contact the .

  • SHEEO Online Access to Resources (SOAR)
    SOAR is an innovative SHEEO product designed to support postsecondary education research and policy analysis. SOAR provides access to quality data and policy sources. Through a series of sourcebooks, it organizes and describes diverse resource materials, provides hotlinks to original materials, and allows users to search in different ways. Currently, SOAR consists of the Compendium of Resources on Teacher Mobility and the Compendium of National Data Sources on Higher Education.

  • State Quick Facts
    State Quick Facts is an online tool that allows for quick access to state higher education information and data. Selecting a state from the U.S. map provides specific data elements, including state population, with race/ethnicity and sex breakdowns; number of higher education institutions, budget/allocation figures, enrollments, with race/ethnicity and sex breakdowns; completions with race/ethnicity and sex breakdowns; and links to state produced data reports.

  • NPEC
    Network staff provide assistance to the National Postsecondary Education Cooperative (NPEC). This includes the newsletter, NPEC Notes, produced three times per year. For more information, visit the NPEC web site.

  • Network News
    For many years, the Network has published a quarterly newsletter, Network News, to disseminate information on current technical and policy issues, including information about NCES data sets, survey reports, and publications; information about SHEEO projects and publications; and pertinent announcements.

  • Data handbooks
    The Network assists NCES in the development of data handbooks. Examples include the Handbook on Human Resources: Recordkeeping and Analysis and the Postsecondary Student Data Handbook (forthcoming).

  • Research
    Each year, the Network conducts studies of state higher education policies and publishes reports detailing the findings. These are included in the SHEEO publications section.

For more information contact the Network staff at .