15 Characteristics for an Ideal Postsecondary State Data System

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Type of Topic: Initiative
Original Publication Date: 9/14/2009
Last Modified: 2/23/2011

The Ideal State Postsecondary Data System:15 Essential Characteristics and Required Functionality, is a publication written by Peter Ewell of NCHEMS and Hans L'Orange of SHEEO. The report addresses the need for robust and aligned data systems that are able to document the achievement of students, schools, and colleges, as well as respond to questions about a state’s investment in higher education.

A Unique Statewide Student Identifier, Student-Level Financial Aid Data, Transfer Data, and Data on Assessed Academic Achievement are just a few of the critical elements necessary for an ideal state data system. For additional elements and information, please read the full report at http://archive.sheeo.org/links/links_results.asp?regionID=1&issueID=29.

A summary of the report is also available online:


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