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Type of Topic: PastEvent
Original Publication Date: 4/7/2011
Last Modified: 4/12/2011

As part of its emerging Peer Consultation Network on Student Learning and Accountability, the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) held a webinar on Indiana’s Statewide Transfer website.

Achieving continuous improvement in transfer success should be a top priority for all states. States can develop great transfer policies, but they won’t be as effective if students and other stakeholders can’t easily access the information. Transfer websites are the fundamental way students interface with transfer policies and systems.

In Indiana, as in many other states, legislation mandated the development of a statewide transfer site, but the users drove the redesign and addition of valuable content. In this webinar, Ken Sauer, Catisha Coates, and Tari Lambert of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education shared the process and underlining principles that influenced the development of the website. They also discussed the importance of the use of technology to enablemore seamless transfer for students. 

The following topics were covered:

- Analysis of and other state transfer websites

- Feedback from end users (students, advisors and counselors)

- Walk through/demonstration of Indiana’s Core Transfer Library(CTL) in a “user-friendly” way

- Increased attention to transfer portal software

- Addition of military information and institutional transfer policies

- Partnership with the Indiana Department of Education and the Independent Colleges of Indiana, e.g., dual credit and AP

Below is a streaming-media recording of the webinar:

Attached below are the power-point slides used in the presentation


Downloadable Items

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