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SHEEO Projects

Since 1976, the U.S. Department of Education has funded the SHEEO/NCES Network. The functions and activities of the Network illustrate the interdependent roles of the federal government and the states in the production of higher education data.

Major activities of the Network include:
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State Higher Education Finance (SHEF) Study
SOAR (SHEEO Online Access to Resources)

SHEEO Surveys

Access and Excellence Initiative
The SHEEO Access and Excellence Initiative reflects core observations that emerged from a close, collaborative examination of the demands and challenges facing higher education at the state level. These observations are (1) policies need to be better informed by rapidly growing information and knowledge about higher education, (2) available knowledge resources must be shared more broadly and productively to achieve the collaboration, and (3) both the expansion of our collective higher education knowledge and increased policy collaboration require new skills. Working in close collaboration with other organizations, Sponsored by the Lumina Foundation, SHEEO’s Access and Excellence Initiative will organize working groups to develop a set of policy indicators and measures, develop a useful and adaptable “framework” to integrate core policy indicators and relevant contextual information into state postsecondary education, and promote the adoption, capacity building, and professional development necessary to foster effective and collaborative use of these resources.

Changing Direction: Integrating Higher Education Financial Aid and Financing Policy
Changing Direction examines how to structure financial aid and financing policies and practices to maximize participation, access, and success for all students. This initiative, sponsored by the Lumina Foundation, will reflect the combined innovation and cooperation of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), the American Council on Education (ACE) and SHEEO.

Meeting Postsecondary Responsibilities for Improved High Schools
Funded by the Gates Foundation, SHEEO will work with educational policy colleagues to help higher education leaders in selected states involved in the NGA Honor States Program and/or Achieve's American Diploma Project (ADP) to build stronger P-16 systems, with a particular emphasis on strengthening high schools.

National Commission on Accountability in Postsecondary Education
Through the financial support of the Ford Foundation, SHEEO has launched a National Commission on Accountability in Higher Education consisting of former governors, legislative leaders, state higher education executives, institutional leaders, and business representatives.

Pathways to College Project
The Pathways to College Network is an alliance of private and corporate foundations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and the U.S. Dept. of Education. Launched in December 2000 and with funding commitments expected to total over $2 million over the first three years of the project, the mission of the Pathways Network is to focus research-based knowledge and resources on improving college preparation, access, and success for under-served population, including low-income, underrepresented minority, and first-generation students.

SHEEO K-16 Professional Development Collaborative
The SHEEO K-16 Professional Development Collaborative is the group of state level coordinators with primary responsibility for the partnership grant program under the No Child Left Behind Act, Title II, Part A, subpart 3 which focuses on ensuring high quality professional development programs for educators. Through the Collaborative, SHEEO works to assist states in their efforts by fostering interstate sharing and dissemination of issues and information and developing alliances with federal and state leaders and national organizations to strengthen teacher education and professional development programs.

State Higher Education Finance (SHEF)
In Fall 2001, SHEEO acquired the rights and products to the publications, State Profiles: Financing Higher Education Rankings and State Profiles: Financing Higher Education Trend Data previously published by Research Associates of Washington. The intention in obtaining this study was to not only continue the presentation of this valuable data, but to investigate the potential uses of this survey in order to expand data availability and analysis. More information on the SHEF Collection can be found on the survey webpage.

State Tuition, Fees & Policies
The Survey of State Tuition, Fees, and Financial Assistance Policies project originally began at SHEEO in 1988. The survey is not an inventory of tuition, fee, and financial aid levels per se, but rather addresses the philosophy and rationale behind decision making in the states and the various influences on individual programs and policies.

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