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Adult Learners and State Policy
by Richard A. Voorhees and Paul E. Lingenfelter, February 2003
This study reviews the participation of adults in postsecondary education and outlines policies and strategies states can use to enhance the capacity of their workforce.

The Role of Postsecondary Education in Workforce Development: Challenges for State Policy
by Robert A. Wallhaus, March 1996, $8.00, DocID: 16214
Prepared for a Wingspread Symposium in February 1996, this report highlights the key challenges facing the states in their development of statewide workforce preparation systems. In particular, it underscores some of the changes that colleges and universities will need to make to be effective partners in such systems. The author discusses the social, political and economic forces shaping workforce development priorities, as well as the expectations of students, government and the public.

Enhancing the Connection Between Higher Education and the Workplace: A Survey of Employers
by Carl Van Horn, Professor of Public Policy, Rutgers University, November 1995, $12.00, DocID: 15017
Based on a survey of New Jersey employers conducted for the New Jersey Business-Higher Education Forum, Enhancing the Connection Between Higher Education and the Workplace illustrates the necessary role for colleges and universities in the education and training of the American workforce. The survey examines the knowledge, skills and abilities that New Jersey employers want from higher education graduates and explores methods for improving the connection between college-based workforce preparation and the needs of New Jersey employers. This information should be useful to policy leaders and educators in other states who are attempting to develop or strengthen similar connections.

An Annotated Bibliography on Student Preparation for College and the Workplace
by Alene Bycer Russell, Melodie E. Christal and Sheila Arredondo, September 1995, $15.00, DocID: 15697
Developed as a companion to the College Admission Requirements study, the Bibliography describes nearly 50 key national data sources and reports on student preparation for college and work which represent comprehensive research and analyses on high school and college student achievement, and the skills and competencies needed for success in postsecondary education and the workplace. The report includes sections on primary data sources, student preparation for college, student success in college and student preparation for the workforce.

Postsecondary Education and the New Workforce
by Esther M. Rodriguez and Sandra S. Ruppert, October 1996, No Cost, DocID: 16954
(Funded by the U.S. Department of Education/OERI)
Based on discussions held at two national conferences in 1996 on the role of postsecondary education in workforce development, this report provides a framework for state-level policy and planning. It outlines a set of principles and priorities designed to advance the call for state leadership; encourage a "common language" that will bring postsecondary education more centrally into workforce development discussions; help policymakers and educators focus on the needs of learners; and promote cooperation and coordination among education sectors, employers, and local, state and federal government entities.