Serving statewide coordinating and governing boards in developing and sustaining excellent systems of higher education.
SHEEO Surveys

SHEEO administers a number of surveys on a regular and ad-hoc basis. Some are designed to query members on their policies and practices; others are to collect data and factual information to support analytical research on a variety of higher education issues. All of these efforts lead to the creation of knowledge resources for our members.

State Higher Education Finance (SHEF) Collection
The State Higher Education Finance Collection (SHEF) collects data annually from the state agencies for higher education in the following areas: FTE, state tax appropriations, local tax appropriations, research/agriculture/
medical school tax appropriations, and net tuition. These data are used to present long-term trends in the financing of higher education on the state and national level, as well as to understand specific uses of allocated money.

SHEEO Salary Survey
Each year, SHEEO asks the member agencies to submit information on budget and salary data, and agency functions. The results, which are available only to the SHEEO community, are used by these agencies to compare their organization to other similar agencies in the country.

SHEEO Network Q&A (password protected)
As a service to our nationwide membership, the Network manages a "question and answer" process that allows staff from any agency to ask the membership for information on a specific issue. Results are gathered by SHEEO and made available via a searchable database on the For Members section of the SHEEO website.

State Tuition, Fees & Policies
The Survey of State Tuition, Fees, and Financial Assistance Policies is a
bi-annual project that originally began at SHEEO in 1988. The survey is not an inventory of tuition, fee, and financial aid levels per se, but rather addresses the philosophy and rationale behind decision making in the states and the various influences on individual programs and policies.

Issue Priorities and Trends in State Higher Education
This survey is sent periodically to the chief executive officers of the statewide coordinating and governing boards boards in the 50 states. The SHEEOs are asked to rate the importance of various higher education issues in their states and to comment on changes over the past years.